I guess the first question in deciphering a magnesium deficiency problem is to first figure out what magnesium does. Our bodies pretty much run on water and the nutrients we get from food. So if your body wants to grow hair, well it needs protein to do that. Extremely low protein diets result often times in hair loss.

If you recall from chemistry class, magnesium is an element and pretty vital to making our bodies work. You’ll read that it is important in over 300 biochemical reactions. . . that’s all great and good but you still don’t know what it does.

So here’s an example that may solve your question.

The body separates ions very specifically, some like calcium and sodium it keeps outside the cells. Others like magnesium and potassium it keeps inside the cells. When the body turns food into energy, it has to get that energy into the cells. That energy is called Adenosine Tri-Phosphate.  ATP is what we use for movement. . . But ATP can’t get into cells all by itself. It hops a ride on magnesium.

So if there is a magnesium deficiency, then getting ATP into cells doesn’t happen. And most scientists would tell you that ATP is the second most important part of life, second to only DNA – it powers every metabolic cell in the body.

Now, each cell in the body contains millions and millions of ATP molecules at any given time, and they turn over extremely rapidly, so the body must constantly create new ATP.  Trillions per day.  If this doesn’t give you an idea to the importance of magnesium or rather the effects of a magnesium deficiency, I don’t know what will. Your body’s cells need ATP to run, without magnesium ATP doesn’t get to the cells it needs.

Therefore, magnesium is critical. That’s why we have included it as a component in OPC Factor. You can get in food and you do, but for most people magnesium rich foods aren’t a part of every day’s meals.  

Do you eat many of these each day:  Almonds, Spinach, Cashews, Dark Chocolate, Tofu, Banana, Edamame, Broccoli, Molasses, Halibut, Sesame, Dried Fruits, Legumes?  MOST PEOPLE DON’T.

That’s why OPC Factor is an important part of the day. We call it the one minute positive reinforcement habit or the pick-me-up habit, because that’s what it is. Try it and tell us what happens.