pH balanced. We’ve all heard the term. We know that Johnson & Johnson shampoo claims to be pH balanced so it doesn’t burn your eyes. And we know that kids measure the pH of bottled waters for school science experiments to figure out if the water is basic or acidic.

But there isn’t much attention paid to things that are pH balanced for the body. The body keeps your blood at a constant 7.4 pH. That means if it is too acidic (under 7) the body will find a way to make it less acidic. Sometimes, it will take calcium from the bones and use it to balance out the blood.

But the kidneys do most of the work making sure to excrete just the right amount of acid or base in the urine to keep everything moving along swimmingly.

Now the skin is different. There is a protective layer, invisible to the human eye, that covers the skin. It is maintained with a 5.5 pH. That layer helps protect the body from bacteria, viruses and aging effects. So if you use soaps and shampoos that are too basic, or too acidic they will eat away at the protective layer and force your body to keep balancing it. “Mild soaps for sensitive skin” help mitigate that. If you find a soap that is 5.5 ph, it would be pH balanced for the skin.

Women deal with the pH of the vagina regularly as a change in pH can lead to infections.  In fact the pH level is so sensitive that women are discouraged from using soaps, douches and any other chemicals in the vagina.  Being pH balanced for the body is pretty much “part-specific”.

When formulating OPC Factor we had pH balance in mind. Our goal was to create a supplement that when mixed with 5 ounces of water would have a pH of 7.4. That means when it enters our digestive tract the body needs to add neither base nor acid for it to be ready for the blood stream. That means faster digestion. And since antioxidants become useless once they are oxidized or come into contact with oxygen, faster digestion means more effective.

We want you to give it a try. See what happens when you drink a pH balanced supplement. Take notes on your energy, mental clarity, and overall well-being. You’ll be super happy.