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The Most Effective Full Spectrum Antioxidant Supplement in Existence.

Whether you are combating physical illness or simply want to strengthen your immune system and feel better, the benefits of OPC Factor will surprise you!

Known as oligomeric proanthocyanidins (OPCs) are the most powerful antioxidants known to man – 20-50 times more powerful than vitamins C and E. OPCs are rapidly absorbed and quickly distributed throughout the body as a free radical fighter, thereby reducing the potential for free radical damage and the ravages of aging.

About Our Company and OPC’s


Hi, I’m Beverly. 

In 1994, my husband David and I read about the origin of a powerful antioxidant from the bark of Maritime Pine trees.  We gave some of our product to Layla, my mother’s 15-year-old dog, who had to be carried up the stairs inside our home.  Within two days Layla was going up and down the stairs.  It was remarkable. 

 We started selling the pine bark in our retail store and people bought because of, “The Story of Two Jacks.””  Our customers reported to us many stories of how much better they felt; they wanted to tell their friends.  Within a few months, we had people lining up outside our doors before we opened because we were selling out our shipments the day they came in.  We were convinced that this was far more than psychosomatic results.  Read More


 While we became aware of the antioxidant pine bark, my husband, David Pillott, was complaining of being out of energy and short of breath.  It was hard for him to walk short distances when we went to the park with our young children.  He finally went to the doctor; they did a cardiac stress test discovering a blocked artery.  He had an emergency open heart surgery.  I was scared.  We were too young, and we had our own business and 8 children!  It made us even more determined to re-evaluate our health, correct our eating habits, research the cause of heart disease, and the role that antioxidants could play in our health.  


 Since this was before the internet, we went through archives of research papers from libraries across the nation.  We came across grape seed extract, enzymes, vitamins, flavonoids, and extracts and found that they all shared a commonality, antioxidative powers.  We decided to produce a full-spectrum antioxidant.  (Especially since it was reported that antioxidants play a significant role in our health.)  We knew that some people were helped tremendously with just pine bark extract, but that some were not.  We also knew that antioxidants fought free radicals which had been linked to the contribution of many maladies. We wanted to look at the root, the subcellular level.  We were convinced after all our time and studies that we were on to something great.  


 We needed to find reliable sources, a biochemist, high-quality tested ingredients, and of course Made in the United States.  This process took years.  We finally found all our resources and then we learned about the complex process of the ingredients being synergistic (often used to describe the effect of nutraceuticals working together – where one nutraceutical increases the other’s effectiveness).   

 There were so many decisions to make.  We made our product effervescent so that it would be readily absorbed in our bodies because it is the same pH as blood and tears.  Biochemists are valuable in these areas.  The biggest problem was the taste.  We went through sample after sample (some of the ingredients tasted awful as you can imagine).  We did not want sugar, for instance, and finally decided on naturally sweet stevia that is great for diabetics. Then came the packaging. We found that individual pre-measured packages stopped the product from becoming contaminated with spoons, humidity, germs, etc.  Also, it is convenient and there is no waste of product.  


 We learned a lot over the years and have found that all the people behind the scenes of our product, to this day, order and use it.  We are truly grateful for their contribution.  


 David never had a problem with heart disease again.  He did pass, after many years, our children were all grown, and he was 15 years older than me.  We had a wonderful life together – 35 years.   Since then, I had the company drop back in my lap in 2022.  Drew, our youngest son, stepped in offering his expertise in OPCs, answering questions from our customers, while getting the website up and functioning better.  He manages the shipping department and operations.  Many of our family have helped on a consulting basis.  We are excited.  We want to be available to our customers and stick to our belief that everyone needs – a Full-Spectrum Powerful Antioxidant that aids people with better health – always.  

About OPCs

When we first began researching the best antioxidant in 1994, we began with the pine bark from the maritime pine trees. It is equally as important as the grape seed extract including the vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and proprietary blend. The key differences of OPC Factor include:

Effervescent Delivery = More Absorption

Blend of vitamins + antioxidants. Exact dosages of each supplement compliments each other - in other words they work together synergistically to enhance the benefits of each other.

Quality sourced and tested for potency + the most powerful antioxidants

Family Owned = This company cares about you and your health.

Taste = our own grandchildren even love the taste.

Convenient single-serve pre-measured packets.

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All Natural Ingredients

Through our research at AlivenLabs, we have spared no expense to find the best ingredients and combine them into a powerful formula for your benefit. We invite you to see our published studies and reviews.

OPC Icons of Health

Pine Bark

Grapeseed Extract


I am a composer/inventor from Sacramento, CA.  I am 64 years old, am athletic, and weigh about 240 pounds AND my life has been changed by OPC Factor!

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Articles and Research

We invite you to read our blog. We’re excited to share our findings as we continue to discover more about just how amazing OPCs are for our bodies.

The Difference of Effervesence

Our great-tasting formula is proven to deliver 97% of its contents to your body which is over 4 times more than pills and tablets. Watch how it works!

Does It Taste Good?

We think so and so do our customers! Check out our video testimonials page to see what they think!

Where Is It Made?

We are a proud “Made in the USA” company with quality sourcing. We are FDA-compliant and our easy-to-use patented formula allows it to meet specifications while maintaining maximum efficacy.