I know I have an appointment this week. Or is that next week?

Vitamins, minerals and other nutrients in a nutrient rich diet are vital to improving memory.  Have you ever been introduced to someone at a party only to forget their name seconds later?  Situations like that make memory improvement important for everyone.  Beyond playing name tricks with people’s names, nutritional supplements can improve memory strength without effort.

And your name was? . . .  

Choosing a nutritional memory supplement should involve two factors: ingredients and method by which the nutrients get to your brain. The supplement needs to contain nutrients proven to increase memory strength and be in a form that can be rapidly absorbed by the blood.

Cell Essentials OPC Factor is the newest, most effective “full spectrum” antioxidant supplement in existence and specifically aims to benefit memory power, brain power, and capillary strength.

Not only does Cell Essentials OPC Factor contain the vitamins necessary for improving memory like Vitamins A, C, and Gingko Biloba, but it is also an isotonic and effervescent solution – offering 97% absorption into the blood.

Memory health depends to a great extent on the integrity of the fine vessels that supply blood to the brain. OPCs can improve memory performance in two ways: by halting the damaging effects of free radicals and strengthening the arteries and vessels in the brain.

Not only are OPCs an effective memory treatment, but they do wonders for your overall health. OPCs are the most effective antioxidant on the planet, 25 times stronger than Vitamin C and 50 times more powerful than Vitamin E.  Beyond memory, OPCs fight free radicals, help prevent degenerative diseases, and energy by increasing oxygen movement in the blood.

Cell Essentials OPC Factor is a synergistic combination of 23 powerful vitamins, minerals, extracts and enzymes including bilberry extract, lutein and OPC that together improve blood circulation, support a strong immune system and aid memory improvement.