Supplementing With Immune System Boosters Can Help.

Providing your body with strong immune system support by supplementing with immune system boosters is the key to helping it fight off disease and maintain its health.

Using antioxidants as an immune system support is essential in your ability to ward off diseases that shorten life and disrupt our quality of life.

The primary job of the immune system is to protect our bodies against disease. The immune system is a collection of cells that seek out and destroy bacteria, viruses, precancerous and cancer cells, and any other dangerous foreign invader or toxin.

As we age, our immune system loses its vigor making us more susceptible to diseases we would have easily shaken off in our youth.

To keep our antioxidant immune system network strong and effective, we must constantly replenish the antioxidants we lose every second of every day.

What we feed our body determines if we keep our bodies and minds functioning at optimal levels. Of course, there is no substitute for a healthy, well balanced diet. Supplementing with immune system boosters can help enhance the health benefits of food but cannot do the job alone.

Cell Essentials OPC Factor, a new product from AlivenLabs, acts both as an antioxidant and an immune system boosters. It helps maintain healthy immune system function by restoring cytokine imbalances and increasing white blood cell activity.

The Path To Health

An antioxidant is only helpful if it can reach your bloodstream, and for that to happen it must be found in a source that is bioavailable (absorbed into your blood). 

For years, doctors and scientists have claimed the power of liquid vitamins over pills and capsules. Building on that knowledge, AlivenLabs created a super antioxidant OPC product called Cell Essentials OPC Factor that not only contains the powerful vitamins and minerals you need, but in a liquid form that is both isotonic and effervescent.

Being isotonic, when Cell Essentials OPC Factor is ingested into the stomach, digestive juices and acids are not triggered, and instead Cell Essentials OPC Factor can move straight into the small intestine for absorption into the blood. This method makes Cell Essentials OPC Factor 97% absorbed and into your blood stream, handily beating the 20% effectiveness that the Physicians Desk Reference claims pills provide – by a long shot.

Do they really work?

People who have taken Cell Essentials OPC Factor have experienced amazing antiaging results including increased energy and sense of well being, less pain, improved vision, reduced wrinkles with more youthful looking skin, stronger immune systems, enhanced athletic performance, and allergy relief.