Average Lifespan in years for men and women in the U.S. is 80,” says Steven Austad of the American Federation for Aging Research. 

“Will people eventually routinely live – and live healthily – longer?”  WSJ Thursday, 1/13/22, A Pill to Turn Back the Clock

The article asks: “Can we slow, prevent, or reverse the aging process for humans?”

OPC Factor is filled with super antioxidants that work synergistically at the cellular level.  Antioxidants are designed to fight free radicals that generate in our bodies or come from outside sources.  Free radicals cause oxidative stress, an imbalance between free radical production and antioxidant defenses.  

Free radicals harmfully alter lipids, proteins, DNA, and trigger several diseases:


  •  LUNGS:  
  • Asthma
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Glomerulonephristis
  • Chronic renal failure
  •  JOINTS:
      1. Arthritis
      2. Rheumatism
  •  BRAIN:
      1. Alzheimer’s
      2. Parkinson’s
      3. Memory loss
      4. Depression
      5. Stroke
      1.  Cancer
      2. Aging
      3. Diabetes
      4. Inflammation
      5. Infection
  •  FETUS:
      1.  Preeclampsia
      2. IU growth restriction
  •  EYES:
      1.  Cataract
      2. Retinal diseases
    1.  Arteriosclerosis
    2. Hypertension
    3. Ischemia
    4. Cardiomyopathy
    5. Heart failure

Again, free radicals are highly unstable and reactive, lacking in unpaired electrons in orbit.  They attack other healthy molecules and “steal” the electron resulting in creating another free radical that in turn repeats the process and damages multiple molecules.  When we have antioxidants that have multiple electrons to “give” away, the human body can then have the tools (antioxidants) necessary to stop cellular damage. 

Some Sources of Free Radicals:

  • Smoking
  • Alcohol
  • Pollutants:  Environmental, industrial 
  • Radiation
  • Drugs
  • Pesticides
  • Industrial solvents


It stands to reason that Antioxidants play a vital role in maintaining our health, aging, and well-being at a cellular level.

OPC Factor is designed to be a role in helping to improve cell function providing multiple electrons to damaged cells with powerful fighting antioxidants in a bioavailable, effervescent form.



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