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I am a composer/inventor from Sacramento, CA.  I am 64 years old, am athletic, and weigh about 240 pounds AND my life has been changed by OPC Factor!   My immune system was severely damaged early in life, causing a hot of illnesses and pains.  For years I tried various other antioxidants and remedies without results.  Now I am glad to share what OPC Factor has done for me:  

Taking one serving a day has improved my moods and overall sense of well-being. 

OPC Factor has directly reduced the severe inflammation that I experienced since I was a teen.  For me, inflammation felt like disgusting poison throughout my body, together with relentless muscle and joint pain. 

Before discovering OPC Factor, I would catch everything “going around”.  If I were about to begin a flu/cold, but did not know it yet, I would describe to others that I felt like I was going to die and didn’t know why.  Eventually the flu/cold symptoms would begin with extreme nasal drip, itchy face and eyes (as if an allergic reaction was taking place), headaches and exaggerated pain throughout my head, coughing, and a scary filling of my lungs.  This miserable version of the flu/cold lasted 4-6 weeks.  Now – taking one OPC every morning – I rarely even catch a flu/cold.  But if I slightly feel one coming on, I immediately take 2 antioxidants at once, even if I took one that morning.  I then take 2 the following morning, then back to one-a-day.  What happens is no flu/cold, although I barely can detect something is there for about a week, but no flu/cold symptoms!

OPC Factor truly has changed my life!

David Hasson